Online Video is a Medium that Refuses to be Defined.
Trust us, we’ve Tried.

In the time it takes a television show to meander its way through a season, online video has spawned three or four new genres of content. We believe that online video is the most important cultural force since the motion picture. We believe deeply that we are in the very early, defining moments of an extremely powerful global force.

VidCon Strives to be the Physical Center of that Revolution

In 2009, Hank and John Green (known to their YouTube fans as vlogbrothers) decided that there should be a conference and convention for online video. It should all be in one place, affordable, focused on fun and celebration and growing online video in a sustainable and intentional way. VidCon 2010 was a hit, selling out months before the event and featuring most of the biggest names in online video.

Today VidCon is the world’s largest celebration of digital video and online creators, where people who make the most interesting and successful video content on the internet can get together, connect with their communities and discuss what’s coming next.

Launching VidCon Asia in Singapore establishes the vibrant growth and universality of this digital creative community and anchors Singapore alongside London and Melbourne as a regional hub for the industry. In 2019 we are launching the Industry Track in Asia, and scaling this up to the signature three-track VidCon model (Community, Creator, Industry) in 2020 and beyond.

What you can expect

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