How Brands Should Leverage Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to Drive Unprecedented Success On Social Video Platforms

More than half of the 4.25 billion people in Asia Pacific are internet users – and that number is increasing 10% YOY. China alone has 1 billion social media users. With all those users, brands are rapidly shifting attention and budget to reach this hyper-engaged community. But with the immense amount of available content, how should you identify the right fit for your brand? That’s where the power of AI comes in. Humans just can’t keep up – but AI is able to think like a human AND scale like a machine. Leading brands are beginning to implement AI-drive systems that have an unprecedented ability to scan and predict what’s driving higher views, higher engagement and increased ROI. This session shares details on how these systems are being built, and how you can apply AI and big data to drive incredible success on social media and video platforms at every stage of the marketing funnel.