Monetising Your Video Content in China - and Bringing China Content to the Rest of the World

The People's Republic of China represents the single biggest consumer base for online video with over 800 million people having access to Internet enabled smartphones. It also includes a deep and talented creator community.-Unfortunately YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are not accessible within the country, but in their absence a fiercely competitive landscape of local video platforms has grown up such as Bilibili, iQiyi, Haokan, Douyin and Weishi. Once a haven for unlicensed content, these platforms have embraced business models that allow creators and rights holders to build communities and protect and monetise their video content. This session from Collab Asia introduces the major players and business models, introduces the audience to some of the leading creators in China, and provides tips and strategies on how to bring content IN to China, and how to effectively bring Chinese creators to the rest of the world.