Vidcon Asia spoke to Facebook’s Saurabh Doshi for an insight into the company’s latest developments, how creators can thrive and monetise via its services, and even discovered his favourite regional video stars.

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Firstly, can you tell us what will you be talking about at VidCon Asia Summit in December?

At Facebook we believe that video content should activate a community of people – a fanbase, a social circle, a demographic, or affinity group – boosting conversation and empowering people to become active participants in the stories and engage with other viewers and the content creators themselves. Creators are a very important part of this ecosystem and we are very excited to showcase some of the work by talented creators at VidCon Asia this year.

VidCon Asia is an opportunity to connect and engage with the creators from around the region and we are proud to support the conference. We are excited to bring together our partners including creators from around the region to share how they are building and connecting with fans on our platform.

How are creators using Facebook’s family of platforms and apps to create innovative video content today?

Our video ecosystem supports different content types and serves a unique purpose. Creators can use Groups, Messenger, Watch, Live, IGTV, Creator Studio, Subscriptions and even Premieres to reach and engage their fans – where they are as well as in the most appropriate way for creators own content.

This past year has been a big year for us as we launch Facebook Watch internationally. Our focus has been on connecting with the local creator communities to bring more local content onto the platform. We have held creator meetups and workshops in cities across Asia including Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh, Taipei, Seoul, Bangkok, Manila, Sydney and Singapore. Bringing the creators community together and supporting them to reach and build new audiences has been our priority.

Turning a hobby into a job is a challenge for many aspiring creators. How does Facebook provide opportunities to monetize original content?

The best way to support an ecosystem of video creators is to create a sustainable, ad-supported ecosystem where every publisher and creator can reach their audience, make money from their videos, and thrive on the platform through various monetisation options: ad breaks are available in more than 40 countries, and we continue to expand to more countries and languages around the world.

Along with global expansion, the number of pages actively using ad breaks has more than tripled over the past year — and the number of pages earning over $1,000 in payouts per month has increased by more than 8X, while the number of pages earning over $10,000 in payouts per month has increased by more than 3X.

Who are some creators who have built meaningful audiences via Facebook platforms that you admire most?

I am inspired by the diversity of talent and the creativity of our community in Asia. There

are entertainers, artists & incredible talent who bring various interest groups closer. I am proud Facebook can provide a platform for them to connect and create a community around their talent. 

There are so many who inspire me including photographers like Golf was Here and artists like Zom Marie. I get a lot of enjoyment watching Ms Yeah’s creativity come to life and laugh along with Jamie Zhu and Ozzy Man Reviews. I can’t stop moving when watching dancers Ranz & Niana and I also recommend Enjoycouple, Team Kramer and Pew Pew and obviously NAS Daily. You should add them to your Watch List today.

Which particular Facebook product has excited you the most over the last year? What new functionality does it bring to users that sets it apart?

Community is at the centre of all that we do at Facebook and building products that support these connections is an important priority. Creators build some of the strongest communities on Facebook & Groups is a product which excites me personally.

We recently made it easier for people to find Groups based on the videos they are watching, right from Watch. We continue to build products that support co-watching experiences like Watch Party, Premieres and Live video to make it easier to connect around videos. We also know that people are 8X more likely to comment on videos in a Watch party, rather than watching on their own.

Social video is really here and some of the creators I enjoy watching who are building around Groups. These include Markian, who has created a group entitled Markian’s Smile Squad. The group has over 150K members with whom he shares vibrant and inspirational stories with the community. 

TV personality Sonali Bendre Behl wanted to return to her love of reading so she started her Facebook Group called Sonali’s Book Club (SBC). By building a positive community around a shared passion, Sonali brings more people to connect with authors through interviews and Facebook Live Sessions as well as a safe space for the community to share their love of reading too.

Your team at Facebook have worked closely with TV networks, creators and celebrities. Can you tell us about some of your favourite or most rewarding partnerships and what made them stand out?

We are very focused on building content in the local language, providing culturally relevant content and ensuring content is inspiring. This means that it captures moments people care about, and drives them to their affinities for longer sessions.

Our partnerships are also important for Facebook to support local TV networks as they add digital-first video to their content strategies. We will continue to work with local publishers and this year deals with publishers include Workpoint, Bec in Thailand as well as Australia’s Seven Studios and Channel 10, and Vietnam’s Dien Quan, Multimedia and Shemaroo & Viacom18 from India to name a few.

As the community grows in Asia, we are excited to support more projects through our Match program which connects publishers to creators to create original programming. We recently announced our partnership with Viacom Asia for new programs as will continue to support more original content created in Asia for a global audience on Facebook Watch.

Meet Saurabh and other video industry leaders at VidCon Asia Summit, happening on 3-4 December 2019 in Singapore. Get your tickets today!