With VidCon Asia on the horizon, the conference’s global General Manager Jim Louderback is on hand to give his thoughts on why it will be a game changer.

What will VidCon Asia bring to Singapore and the region that people haven’t experienced before?
At VidCon we are all about celebrating video and community media. The great thing about these conferences is they highlight not just on the B2B side of online video, but also the fan side. There’s a focus on creators, fans, content platforms and how to leverage specific platforms to build new businesses. VidCon brings all the elements together.

Online media is ultimately about a discussion between creators and audiences. VidCon understands this and is well known for helping old and new media companies build and optimise communities on new and emerging video platforms. That’s an approach South East Asia hasn’t seen yet.

What excites you most about launching VidCon Asia?
There are so many talented and wonderfully creative individuals across Asia who are building great communities around the content they make. This conference provides a pathway to help those creators build bigger businesses, reach more people and leverage the algorithms of the platforms they’re working on. By celebrating and supporting brands and agencies who work with these creators, it allows them to turn their hobby into a job. Or as I like to say, from advocation to vocation.

Who have been your favourite VidCon speakers at previous events and why?
VidCon has a wonderful track record of bringing together amazing speakers from around the world. They’re visionaries who share secrets about video that only the top creatives and experts possess.New Zealand-based Cassie Roma is a great thinker around storytelling, branding and online video. Sadly, she’s not going to be at VidCon Asia this year, but I will be doing my very best to make sure she is there in 2020. Amelia Darawan from Totem in Australia is an excellent speaker too. She’s coming to VidCon Asia to impart some of the lessons she’s learned about video and to talk broadly about media channels today.Derral Eves is an awesome speaker and will also be at VidCon Asia. He’s one of the smartest guys around when it comes to YouTube algorithms and video marketing. He really helps people understand how they can build businesses on YouTube.And lastly there’s Jeremy Vest, another big name who will be at VidCon Asia. Among other things, Jeremy will explain the art behind thumbnails on videos – which is probably something you’ve never considered. Thanks to his work for vidIQ, which has thousands of clients, he’s in a unique position to provide secrets and insights.What’s the most exciting platform in video today?
I’ll list two. Firstly there’s LinkedIn. If you think about it, almost every online platform is focused on the leisure side of life, but we spend more time at work than anywhere else. Video launched on LinkedIn two years ago and since then savvy creators have been building deep connections with clients and businesses via video. 

Pinterest is the second. This year it has launched new video functionality and it’s becoming a really interesting part of the platform. People can now get in there, quickly understand what’s going on and build an audience with video as a core component.

Video has fundamentally changed the way people share content. What makes it such a compelling medium?

Look at it like this: every single viewer of online video is on online platforms. They have hundreds, thousands, or even millions of followers. Every viewer is an amplification engine. 

Today, if you touch them emotionally, it’s not just mum, dad or a few friends they’ll share with. They will amplify to the masses of connections or fans they have on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or other channels. 

Everyone has the potential to share what they do, and it can cascade quickly. If something is great or has mass appeal, it can spread in no time. Baby Shark (3.6 billion views and counting) spreads much quicker than a new big budget TV program that’s in production. That’s why we unlock the secrets of how to create this content at VidCon.

And lastly, can you give us the elevator pitch of why people should attend VidCon Asia? 

Whether you need to go back to the office the next day to update your video strategy, or if you just want to know where the future of online video is going, then come to VidCon. 

In order to build businesses people pay tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars to consultants for the sort of insights our speakers provide. Attendees at VidCon get them for the price of admission.

VidCon Asia Summit, its first conference in Asia, will take place over two days on December 3 and 4 at the Raffles City Convention Centre Singapore. Here’s what you can expectSign up to get updates on speakers and the programme here