Is video a big part of your business, but you don’t really know who’s making a ripple and who’s making a big splash? Never fear, the team at Tubular Labs are here with razor sharp insights on the latest regional trends across video’s biggest platforms

Who are the top creators in Southeast Asia, and how many views and subscribers do they have?

For the top influencers, YouTube is also the platform of choice. Filipino journalist Raffy Tulfo is the most-watched influencer, seeing over 445 million views in September, with 8.37 million followers. Vietnamese video poster Nguyễn Chí Hoàng was second for views for the last month, with the majority of their audience on Facebook. In third was Thai youngster Beam Copphone who has 3.4 million subscribers on YouTube.

What are the top video content genres in South East Asia over the last year?

Movies and TV dominate on YouTube, with 21.3 billion views -- over five billion views ahead of the second most-watched category -- Music, which had 16.7 billion views. Television themed content delivered the bulk of views within the category. Gaming also performed strongly -- beating kids entertainment, food & drink and sport.

In 2019 what are Southeast Asia’s most viewed networks and how many viewers are they attracting?

ABS-CBN Entertainment is by far the biggest publisher in the region by views, seeing the highest volume on YouTube, where they beat CH3Thailand by over 2.5 billion views (6.5 billion to 3.8 billion). Rounding of the top five are one31, WorkPoint and GMA Network, all driving over two billion views this year. 


As the Philippines’ most viewed property, ABS-CBN have achieved a huge audience by leveraging TV content across entertainment, news and sports to drive views. CH3Thailand operates similarly, but some of their most successful content is more focused on music on YouTube. In fact, one31, WorkPoint and GMA all leverage premium TV content to attract large followings.

What have been South East Asia’s three most-watched videos in 2019?

The most watched video in 2019 was music video Ex’s Hate Me, by pop duo B Ray x Masew. It was released on February 13 and in the first 30 days it had amassed around 42,924,442 views. 

Coming in second was another music video called Karma-Pang by Thai musician Nakarin Kingsak. Released on June 6, it reached 36,018,357 views in the first month of streaming. 

In third place is children’s educational cartoon video Bayi Kucing Sakit Demam | Super Pil Vs Kuman | Lagu Anak Sakit by BabyBus Bahasa Indonesia. It was released on YouTube on August 30, and in the first thirty days it received 34,746,983 views.

Ex's Hate Me - B Ray x Masew (Ft AMEE) | Official MV

Which video sharing platforms are used the most across Southeast Asia? 

Across South East Asia, YouTube sees more uploads than any other platform -- at over 20.5 million videos uploaded so far this year by creators in the region. Interestingly, Facebook isn’t fair behind, with 15.3 million uploads over the same period, with Twitter lagging behind at just under three million. Video uploaded to Facebook saw a massive 658 billion views so far, while YouTube also performed strongly at 599 billion views -- though of course, the platforms define views differently so they can’t be directly compared. 

Which particular trends are you seeing across video content produced in South East Asia over the last year?

Views on Facebook look set to increase year on year, with views in 2019 totalling 151 billion, beating last year’s total of 124 billion. What’s interesting is that the spread of views changed significantly. Views on content one to two minutes long dropped 48%, while views to content between 10 to 15 minutes have grown by 134% so far this year, suggesting viewership shifts toward longer, more premium content.

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