Tony Tran (COO - METUB Network)

Tony (Hung) Tran is currently COO of METUB Network- the leading digital entertainment and YouTube MCN (multi-channel network) in Vietnam. METUB Network is currently working with 1500+ talents including A-list celebrities and top tier endemic creators in Vietnam, which are altogether generating more than 4 billion views monthly.

METUB Network with their tagline #livebypassion has been holding an instrumental role in the evolvement of the digital entertainment ecosystem and bringing opportunities to creators to live with their own passion by helping creator create and distribute content, connect them with brands and search for many more opportunities.

Starting in 2014 as an official YouTube MCN startup managing few channels, the company has expanded exponentially to become top 1 MCN in Vietnam and continuously driven change in audience consumption of entertainment content. METUB Network has distributed more than half of current Vietnamese trending music and gaming titles, accumulating 360,000 hours of content.

The company also expanded into an influencer marketing agency and branded entertainment studio, officially tapping into creative and agency services for marketing campaigns.

Prior to METUB, Tony was with KPMG Assurance and Advisory arms, advising leading multinational corporations and local conglomerates on strategic finance, internal control and M&A.

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