Marienor Madrilejo	(Agent - Abrams Artists Agency)

Marienor Madrilejo is an Agent at Abrams Artists Agency, specializing in Digital Media, Branding and Licensing where she maintains a roster of high net worth influencers. Having worked with hundreds of global brands like Apple, Amazon, Estee Lauder, General Mills, L’Oreal, NFL, PayPal, P&G, Samsung, Sephora, SONY, Unilever, and Viacom-- she bears a wealth of experience in leveraging, monetizing, and problem-solving within the dynamic, fast-paced world of digital branded content. Marienor’s passion is developing her client’s brands into IP and building “360” businesses with them.From co-branded collaborations to launching merchandise with her clients—she develops purposeful partnerships and consumer-first products, some of which have landed distribution deals at major US retailers like Walmart and Target.

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