Sadaf Zarrar (Director, Integrated Content & Creative Excellence - Coca-Cola)

An award-winning female marketer from Pakistan, Sadaf has spent 17 years creating impactful dialogues between brands and their customers. A self-proclaimed ‘communication enthusiast’, Sadaf started her career in Ogilvy & Mather back in 2001 following a Post Graduate Degree in Mass. Communication. 

Specializing in Marketing Communication later, Sadaf has built a portfolio of celebrated campaigns on leading local and international brands. She has been associated with the Coca-Cola Company since 2009 and was the Head of Integrated Marketing for Pakistan prior to moving to Singapore as the Director Integrated Content and Creative Excellence for ASEAN. 

Over the last two decades, Sadaf has toyed with various aspects of communication, including television hosting, radio jockeying and leading Pakistan’s premiere fashion and lifestyle blog SiddySays. These days Sadaf volunteer’s her spare time with Google Business Groups, Founders Institute, Facebook Communities and incubators to mentor, coach and support young marketers and startups.

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