Doreen Tan (User & Content Operations Manager - TikTok)

Doreen Tan is the User and Content Operations Manager at TikTok Singapore where she manages overall content strategy and operations, working closely with Singaporean content creators to spot trends, ideate and improve creation.

Doreen has over five years of experience in influencer marketing and has consistently helped brands partner with influencers in a variety of innovative ways to increase exposure to targeted audiences. She has a proven track record of researching and identifying key influencers across multiple digital platforms to build powerful brand experiences across different markets, including USA, UK and South East Asia.

Prior to TikTok, Doreen was an Influencer Marketing Specialist for Zimplistic Inventions, a consumer electronics company, where she implemented fully integrated influencer campaigns that were aligned with the company’s brand strategy to meet business objectives. Prior to Zimplistic, Doreen was a Senior Account Manager at Gushcloud, where she helped partner brands with social media influencers in a variety of innovative ways, from blogger-only events to product reviews across all social media platforms.

Doreen holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Marketing Management from RMIT University. When Doreen isn’t negotiating with influencers and solving brand challenges through social campaigns, she enjoys yoga, pilates, working out, sewing and binge-watching American dramas.

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