Lionel  Sim (Senior Director, Global Marketing - TikTok)

Lionel Sim is Senior Director, Global Marketing - Business Solutions at TikTok Ads, where he provides businesses with valuable insight into monetising content on the platform. 

With nearly a decade of experience in digital strategy, product management and go-to-market strategy, Lionel was most recently part of the global marketing team in which facilitated the global expansion of WeChat ecosystem with establishing key relationships with senior management and stakeholders. 

Prior to this, Lionel founded a web design and app development agency called SmartMana. There, he consulted and conducted training with clients on a complete range of mobile services, including: conceptualization, copywriting, user experience, and more. He also co-founded Juvo Labs where he developed a revolutionary sleep tracking and vitals monitoring system in collaboration with a leading Singapore research institute.

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